LET OP LEVERWEEK 26! 10D Dermaplaning Blade 25 piece Nikkelvrij!


We have been working with dermaplaning blades since 2005, so we have extensive experience with a wide variety of surgical and dermaplaning blades.  The best we found are the ones we offer to our customers.

We wanted a blade that is the ideal shape for safety, comfort, control and maneuverability.  Features dermaplaning specific custom honey for a smooth, stay-sharp edge.  Provides product consistency, reliability and quality control.  Everything at an affordable price.


Specially designed for DermaplanePro.  The # 10D blade is an adaptation of the # 10S blade - a shape we love, but meets our specifications for greater sharpness *, made from stainless steel for durability and polymer coated to glide effortlessly on the skin . 25 pcs